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Banana Roller

*Banana roller is one of the most often used shaft in all industries.
We accpet tailor making Banana Roller according to customer drawing.

More information about Banana Roller is in our production description page!
  • Any Length According to Customer Dimension Drawing

  • Rubber According to Different Using Environment

  • Depend on Design

  • 10-12 Days for Normal Order, Hurry Order is Negotiable

  • Wooden Box / Paper Box / Paper tube / Bubble Film

  • By Sea / By Air / By Train / By Fedex or other Express way

  • ISO9000/CE/ROHS/Certificate of Origin

  • Technical Video Support

  • T/T/Credit Card/Paypal.....


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   --1. Banana Roller Overall Introduction:

banana roller 04

Banana Roller is also known as Rubber curved Roller. It is composed by Rubber or Silicone and Inside has the Inner Roller. 

Banana roller is also known as a bow roller or spreader roller, it is a type of roller used in various industrial applications, particularly in web handling and converting processes. The roller gets its name from its banana-like shape, which is designed to help prevent web wrinkling, spreading, and bagginess.

Banana rollers are typically used in web processing applications where the material being processed is under tension. They are used to support and guide the web as it passes through the processing equipment, such as printing presses, laminators, and slitters. The roller's curved shape helps to maintain an even and consistent tension on the web, which helps to prevent web distortions and defects.

The function of the Banana Roller is to prevent material from wrinking or creasing during the procession of paper, fabric, plastic or film etc...

The surface treatment of Banana Roller is rubber and other material like Silicone or EPDM rubber is also accepted by making. All the shaft can be assembled on the shaft seat or flange

Banana Roller is widely used in every industry, especially Printing, Packing, Plastic, Paper, Glass, Textile..........

    --2. Banana Roller Material

    There are mainly 4 types of often used Rubber Material for the Banana Roller.  

    But other rubber material is also ok for designing and making.

(1) NBR rubber on Banana Roller 


(1)Lower cost 

(2)Suitable for normal using environment and 

normal temperature

(2)EPDM rubber on Banana Roller


(1)Suitable for using temperature less than 120℃

(2)Resistant to Acid and Alkali


(3) Hyplon rubber on Banana Roller 


(1) Suitable for using temperature around 


(2) Wearing-resisting 

(4) Silicone rubber on Banana Roller 


(1) For using using temperature higher than 170℃


If you still have question of the type of your Banana Roller, You can send the photo to Sales:

     --3. Banana Roller Assembling Method:

       The Banana Roller has 2 types of assembling seat. The dimension of it is standard, Attached photo will show the dimensions.


(1)----Seated Type Assembling Method of Banana Roller

banana roller 06

Banana Roller Adjustment Seats Photo


Banana Roller Adjustment Seats Drawing

(2)----Flange Type Assembling Method of Banana Roller

banana roller 03

Banana Roller Adjustment Seats Photo


Banana Roller Adjustment Seats Drawing 


Banana Roller Adjustment Seats Drawing 

      --4. The Dimension you need to provide if you need to buy Banana Roller:

        The Attached photo is a drawing which could generally show the dimension of your banana Roller. 

    Banana Roller Drawing

Rubber Type Radians
Color A (mm) B(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) L3(mm) Quantity

You can fullfill this chart, then send to sales. We shall send a quotation once receive your drawing.

If there is some information you don't know, no worry. Just tell Sales, then we shall help to solve problem.

        --5. The Questions you may need to ASK from your Engineer before ordering 

       The Banana Roller can be used in a lot of machine in different industries. So, we need to confirm the using situation, then recommend the most suitable material.

  1. Using machine name

  2. Maximum using temperature

  3. Machine speed

  4. If there will be water or moist on roller?

  5. Do banana roller have weight load?

  6. If the roller will touch any acid or alkalonity material?

  7. If the rubber material need to be non-adhesive

     These Questions could greatly help us with the selection of the Banana Roller Material and if better, we would a photo or video of the original Banana Roller in Machine.

           --6. Overall of Banana Roller Roller:

         We supply big quantity of the Banana Roller at the reasonable price according to drawing. We welcome Trial Order and see our Quality.

          The good function of the Banana Roller depends on the procession machine.            We are confident to say, our factory is equipped with the advanced Machines to be able to process the Best Banana Roller.

        Our banana roller have the advantage of the following:

1. Efficient Production: Our banana rollers are designed to enhance production efficiency, as they ensure that materials move smoothly through the production process. They prevent wrinkles, creases, and other types of material defects that can slow down production or cause costly errors.

2. Versatile Applications: Our Banana rollers can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including papermaking, printing, textile processing, and more. Your customers can benefit from the versatility of your banana rollers, which can be adapted to their specific needs and requirements.

3. Improved Quality: Our banana rollers are designed to maintain consistent tension and smoothness, which can help to improve the overall quality of customers' products. This is especially important in industries where the quality of the final product is critical, such as in the printing or textile industries.

4. Durability and Longevity: Our banana rollers are built to last, with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. This means that your customers can rely on them to perform consistently over a long period of time, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

5. Customizable: Our banana rollers can be customized to meet our customers' specific needs, with options such as different sizes, materials, and surface finishes. This means that your customers can choose a banana roller that is tailored to their unique production requirements, further enhancing efficiency and quality.

Overall, Our banana rollers offer many advantages for customers, including efficient production, versatile applications, improved quality, durability and longevity, and customization options. 


           --7. What you need to consider when purchasing Banana Roller Roller? :

Quality: Look for a banana roller that is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. This will ensure that your roller performs consistently over a long period of time, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

Performance: Consider the specific performance features of the banana roller that are important for your application. This could include factors such as tension control, material handling, and overall speed and efficiency.

Customization: Check if the banana roller can be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, you may need a roller with a particular surface finish, size, or coating to suit your production requirements.

Customer Support: Look for a supplier that offers good customer support and after-sales service. This can be important if you need technical assistance or help with installation or maintenance.

Price: Compare the prices of different banana roller models and suppliers, but also consider the overall value and long-term costs associated with your purchase. A cheaper roller may save you money initially, but if it requires frequent repairs or replacement, it may end up costing you more in the long run.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when buying a banana roller and select a product that will meet your specific needs and deliver reliable performance over time.

            --8. More about us as an Banana Roller Supplier:

          We, R.J Machinery is confident to say we are a reliable Air shaft and Banana Roller factory in China and can make large quantity exporting supply and lower quantity customerization! 


           Our goal is to make customer feel satisfied about the quality and price of the Banana Roller and Airshaft!        

           We welcome if you would like to have an online factory tour!

           It only take 1 minute!

           This is the video of Our Factory will fully equipped Airshaft and Banana Roller Manufactuering Devices.

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