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What is an Airshaft?

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1. Airshaft General Introduction:

*Air expanding shaft, which is also known as air shaft. 

The Airshaft is a type of industrial shaft that uses compressed air to expand and contract the shaft's diameter. 

We will introdce the airshaft in detail as a professional Airshaft Manufacturer.


Air expanding shafts are commonly used in the printing, paper, and packaging industries and so on to hold and control the tension of roll materials such as paper, film, and foil. Some Air shafts are also used in heavy industries such as Steel industry.

2. Airshaft Inflation Method: 

The Air shaft have the Air expanding valve, to let air come inside. After the air come inside, the Inner rubber tube of the Airshaft will expand. After finishing using of the Air expanding shaft, only need press the air valve, then, the air shaft will contract back to it original diameter.

Air valve 01

3. Airshaft Inner Structure

Air expanding shafts typically consist of a hollow metal tube with two or more inflatable rubber or polyurethane air bladders. It depend on the airshaft type. 

----The Lug Type Airshaft  Lug Type Airshaft Factory & Supplier in China - R.J Machinery (

     Only use a full long rubber tube.

42af78a03c308cc5e51103aa0d8302afaAirshaft Rubber Tube Real Using Effect

----The Multitube type Airshaft  Multitube Type Airshaft Factory & Supplier in China - R.J Machinery (

     Using several pieces white TPU tube.

Multitube Air shaft 018 af78a03c308cc5e51103aa0d8302afaAirshaft white tube with valve

---- The Leaf Type Air shaft  Leaf Type Airshaft Factory & Supplier in China - R.J Machinery (

      Only use a full long rubber tube

Leaf Type Airshaft 01af78a03c308cc5e51103aa0d8302afaAirshaft Rubber Tube Real Using Effect

---- The Friction type Air expanding Shaft Friction Type Airshaft Factory & Supplier in China - R.J Machinery (

       Using several pieces white TPU tube.

38af78a03c308cc5e51103aa0d8302afaAirshaft white tube with valve

For Airshaft, When compressed air is pumped into the aur bladders, the Airshaft expand and grip the inner surface of the roll material, holding it securely in place. When the air is released, the bladders contract, allowing the roll material to be easily removed or replaced.

4. Airshaft Advantage: 

Air shafts offer several advantages over other types of shafts, including faster roll changes, more precise tension control, and reduced damage to roll materials. They are also more durable and require less maintenance than other types of shafts.

Air expanding shafts are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate different roll materials and production requirements. They can be used in a variety of applications, including slitting, rewinding, laminating, and coating.

5. Airshaft Purchasing Advice: 

It is very important to find a airshaft factory with good experience and reputation. We can help with the Airshaft whole industry solution.

For More questions about Airshaft, you can contact Air shaft supplier:


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