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Airshaft Air Valve

*Air valveof the airshaft is the most important part of the airshaft. Its quality will affect the using time of the airshaft.
We provide all types of the air valves according to different using situation.
Tailor make or mass production are both welcome!
  • Factory Standard

  • Copper/ Stainless Steel

  • /

  • 1 Days for Normal Order, Hurry Order is Negotiable

  • Wooden Box / Paper Box / Paper tube / Bubble Film

  • By Sea / By Air / By Train / By Fedex or other Express way

  • ISO9000/CE/ROHS/Certificate of Origin

  • Technical Video Support

  • T/T/Credit Card/Paypal.....


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   --1. Airshaft Air Valve

76 (3)

    Airshaft inflation valve is used in Airshaft, it is the area to receive air and to make the Air shaft expand. Also it could help to let the air go out of the airshaft.

    It is the most important part of the Airshaft. Because in most case, the Air leaking of the Air valve is caused by the poor quality of the Airvalve is Airshaft.

    In most case, the other Airshaft suppliers are using Air valve made by Copper. It was once a good choice in the past years. For reason of it lower cost. However, we upgrade it into Stainless Steel. It is a better choice, and our experiment data will show where is its advantage and how.

                                       (the experiment data will be shown in the following pages)

Air valve 02

Arrow head    

Air valve 01

    Horn Head

  • The yellow type Air Inflator is used together with Arrow head Air Valve in Pneumatic Shaft.

  • The gray type Air Inflator is used together with Horn Head Air Valve in pneumatic shaft.

    --2. Airshaft Valve Experiment Record

       In ordr to find a better solution of Air leaking of the Airshaft. On 8th, Aug, 2020, we have done a series of experiment to see how is the Stainless steel surpasses the old Copper when it come to the Air valve in Air expansion Shaft.

       1. Experiment reason

             To find a better material to avoid Air leaking in Airshaft

      2. Experiment Time and Staff 

              8th, Aug, 2020.-------8th, Jan, 2021 (Lasting for Half a year)

              Factory technical manager and Quality Control Team

          3. Experiment Operation

              (1) 10, 000pcs copper Air valve and 10, 000 pcs Stainless steel Airvalve Valve for Air inflation to check random leaking rate

              (2) Mass Air inflation test of After finishing 10,000 times air inflation and deflation for each air valve.  And to see which how many air vlave is still in good using situation and NOT LEAK AIR.

              (1000 pcs copper air valves and 1000 pcs Stainless steel air valves are used in this test)


           4. Experiment Results

  •         Copper Air Valve:

             (1)  Air leaking possibility without using====1.5%=1.5/100

             (2)  Air leaking situation after 10,000 times inflation and deflation==== 10%=10/100       


  •         Stainless Steel Air Valve :

           (1) Air leaking possibility without using====1/3000

            (2) Air leaking situation after 10,000 times inflation and deflation====0%

Additional Experience:

    Copper Airshaft valve for reason of it raw material, it is more easily for broken.

Broken mean totally broken by Half, it is a situation happened in a certain case.

SS Air shaft valve can avoid this situation.

Note: The Air valve are all in good situation before Inflation and Deflation Test. They are assembled in Airshaft to simulate the real using situation.

Air Inflator Full setAir Inflator Full set2

    --3. Dimension drawing of each types different Air valve

        There are a lot of type of air shaft valves in market. 

       If you would like to make the purchase, you can compare the dimension with our standard airshaft part.

       If still there is something you not see, you can send the photo and make a simple dimension drawing to sales!

          If there are still something you not see in our webstie, 

        Please take the photo and send to Sales!

        We are confident to GET ALL THINGS you need!

Standard Dimension of the Air valves in Air shaft. 

Download this link to get all types drawing of the air inflation valves.

Air valve drawing


1-4arrow head

1/4 arrow

Air shaft valve

1-8arrow head

1/8 arrow 

Air shaft valve


3/8 arrow 

Air shaft valve

M10-1 arrow head

M10x1 arrow 

Air shaft valve

M12-1arrow head

M12x1 arrow

Air shaft valve

M14-1arrow head

M14x1 arrow 1

Air shaft valve

M14-1arrow head(for alumium)

M14x1 arrow 2

Air shaft valve

M14-1.5arrow head

M14x1.5 arrow

Air shaft valve 

There are also some M16 Air valve, can contact sales for more information.

         --4. Overall Function of Air inflation Valve:

    The air valve is a crucial component of the air expanding shaft system. Here's some information about it:

    Function: The air valve is responsible for inflating or deflating the air expanding shaft, controlling its expansion and contraction. When inflated, the shaft grips the core of the roll securely, allowing for rotation and unwinding of the material. When deflated, the roll can be easily removed or replaced.

    Design and Operation: The air valve is typically mounted on the air expanding shaft  and connected to a source of compressed air. It features a mechanism that allows for controlled inflation and deflation of the shaft. The valve can be manually operated or automated, depending on the specific application and requirements.

    Control Methods: The air valve of an air expanding shaft can be operated through various control methods, including:

(1) Manual Control: This involves using a manual valve or lever to regulate the airflow into the shaft. The operator manually adjusts the valve to inflate or deflate the shaft as needed.

(2) Pneumatic Control: In this case, the air valve is connected to a pneumatic control system that automatically regulates the airflow based on preset parameters or feedback from sensors. This allows for precise and consistent control over the expansion and contraction of the shaft.

    Safety Features: Air valves in air expanding shaft systems often incorporate safety features to prevent accidental deflation of the shaft. These features can include locking mechanisms or pressure sensors that ensure the shaft remains inflated during operation.

    Applications: Air expanding shafts with air valves are commonly used in industries such as printing, packaging, converting, and paper manufacturing. They provide efficient and reliable support for rolls of material, allowing for smooth unwinding or rewinding processes. So, it is very important to choose a reliable air valve during using the air shaft.

          --5. More about us:

          We, R.J Machinery is confident to say we are a reliable Air shaft factory in China and can make large quantity exporting supply and lower quantity customerization! 


           Our goal is to make customer feel satisfied about the quality and price of the Airshaft!        

           We welcome if you would like to have an online factory tour!

           It only take 1 minute!

           This is the video of Our Factory will fully equipped Airshaft Manufactuering Devices.

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