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Airshaft Inner Bladder NBR Rubber Tube

--1. Size:Have standard Size and also accept tailor making
--2. Production Time:Normal order is 3 Days, Hurry order is negotiable
--3. Packing: Paper box / exporting level wooden box
--4. Shipping Solution:By Sea/ By Air / By DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/Special Line
--5. Certificate Supplier:ISO 9000 / CE / Rohs / Certificate of Origin .......
--6. After Sales:Technical video support
--7. Payment Method:T/T / Paypal /Credit Card

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   --1. Airshaft Inner Bladder Function (Black Tube): 

Airshaft Inner Rubber Tube function

This Black Airshaft Inner Bladder is used in Lug type Airshaft and Leaf type Airshaft. The function of it is to expand and hold the Lug or Leaf.

When working, the effect of the Airshaft Rubber Tube is like the left photo. The quality of the Air shaft Inner Bladder will decide the using time of it. In most case, user can use it for at least 2 years if the using environment is friendly.

    --2Airshaft Inner Bladder Feature and Our Advantage

      The Airshaft Inner Rubber Tube is Made by NBR rubber and some other materials. The Applicable using Air pressure is around 0.4-0.8 MPA.


        We are a professtion Airshaft Factory, so in order to guarantee the good using of the Airshaft, we did some work on the Airshaft Black Rubber Tube. Attached photo is our unique design of the Air shaft Bladder.


Airshaft Inner Bladder Surface

Water Wave Technique

Airshaft Bladder Surface

Surface very Smooth no Bubble

Airshaft Bladder Inner wall

Smooth Inner Wall of the Rubber

        There are some low quality Pneumatic Rubber tube in the Market, and they will have the problem of uneven expanding! When using them for a certain time, the part area won't function.

        In addition, their using time is very short, sometimes will result in serious Air Leaking! 

        So, to avoid this situation, we adopted Water Wave Technique for Airshaft inner Bladder to make it more wear-resisting and it can be using for longer time. 

        During production, we deleted All the bubble of the Airshaft Rubber Tube. If the Bubble is to many, it has a higher possibility of exploding or Air leaking.

        In the end, the inner wall of the Airshaft Rubber Tube can guarantee better Hardness and make it more suitable for Air inflation and Air Deflation of the Air expanding Shaft.

Airshaft Inner Bladder overall function1

    --3. Airshaft Rubber Tube Standard Dimension

Airshaft Inner Rubber Tube 4

We have standard size for Air expanding Shaft Inner Bladder. Also welcome if customer have requirement for special Design of Dimension.



The Airshaft Black Bladder Dimension unit is MM, 

Inner Diameter X Outside Diameter

6x10 20x30 32x42 57x67 95x105 108x118
8x12 22x32
34x44 60x70 95x107 114x124


24x34 38x48 64x74 98x108 127x137


25x35 40x50 76x86 98x110
13x19 25x37 42x52 80x90 100x110 152x162
28x38 45x55 85x95 100x112
16x26 28x40 48x58 85x99 102x112 215x225
30x40 50x60 89x99 102x114


We have more dimensions support Tailor make, No limit!

For Airshaft Inner Bladder size smaller than 80x90, it is 20M for a complete roll.

For Airshaft Inner Bladder size bigger than 80x90, it is 10m for a complete roll.

For Airshaft Inner Bladder size bigger than 140x150, it is 6m for a complete roll.

Welcome both Complete roll order or sampling small quantity order of Airshaft Rubber Tube Hose.

Airshaft Rubber Tube Real Using Effect

            --4. More about us:

          We, R.J Machinery is confident to say we are a reliable Air shaft factory in China and can make                          large quantity exporting supply and lower quantity customerization! 


           Our goal is to make customer feel satisfied about the quality and price of the Airshaft!        

           We welcome if you would like to have an online factory tour!

           It only take 1 minute!

           This is the video of Our Factory will fully equipped Airshaft Manufactuering Devices.

Airshaft wechat

Using wechat and Scan this code to talk with Airshaft Sales

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