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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Lug Type Airshaft

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1. Lug type Airshaft 9 Advantages. 

* Lug type airshaft is one of the most often used Airshaft type. 

When selecting the airshaft type, customers may have some questions about how to choose a good Airshaft.

We will explain this question as a professional Airshaft Supplier.

1. Easy to use: Lug type airshafts are easy to operate and can be quickly adjusted to different roll sizes.

2. High holding force: Lug type airshafts provide high holding force, which ensures that the roll is held securely in place during operation.

3. Uniform grip: The lug type airshaft provides a uniform grip around the entire circumference of the roll, ensuring that the roll remains centered during operation.

4. Versatile: Lug type airshafts can be used in a wide range of applications, including printing, laminating, and slitting.

5. Cost-effective: Lug type airshafts are cost-effective compared with other types of airshafts, making them a popular choice for many applications.

6. Flexibility: Lug type airshafts are highly flexible and can accommodate a wide range of roll diameters and widths.

7. Low maintenance: Lug type airshafts require minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

8. Improved ergonomics: The lightweight and ergonomic design of lug type airshafts make them easy to handle and operate, reducing operator fatigue and injury.

9. Compatibility with automation: Lug type airshafts can be easily integrated with automation systems, allowing for seamless operation and increased productivity.

2. Lug type Airshaft 8 Disadvantages. 

1. Limited torque capacity: Lug type airshafts may have lower torque capacity than other types of airshafts, which can limit their suitability for some applications.

2. Limited compatibility: Lug type airshafts may not be compatible with all types of materials or processes, particularly those with delicate surfaces that may be damaged by the lugs. The very thin material can consider using other type airshaft.

3. More maintenance requirements: Lug type airshafts may require more frequent maintenance than other types of airshafts due to the need to keep the lugs clean and free of debris.

4. Potential for air leaks: Lug type airshafts can be prone to air leaks if the lugs are not securely tightened, which can lead to decreased performance and increased downtime. Or when the inner rubber tube is broken, this airshaft will also leak air.

5. Higher risk of damage to web edges: The lugs on lug type airshafts can cause damage to the edges of the web, particularly if the lugs are not positioned correctly And the material is very thin.

6. Increased vibration: Lug type airshafts can produce increased vibration, which can cause problems with web tension and quality.

7. Higher risk of core slippage: Lug type airshafts can result in core slippage if the lugs are not positioned correctly or if the core is not of the correct size.

8. Limited compatibility with winding speeds: Lug type airshafts may not be suitable for high-speed winding applications due to the limitations in the lug design.

3. What we are doing to avoid the disadvantage of Lug type Air shaft as an airshaft facotry?

1. Currently we are using the better steel/aluminum tube to ensure the concentricty of the body of the Airshaft to make sure the rotation is good.

2. We are using high quality Inner rubber tube, air valve, Lug and inner structure to make sure the air expanding shaft will not leak air for long time.

3. We have order tracking system for each piece of airshaft, we will note its standard part. Once the easy-worn part has problem, we have stock for sending immediately.

4. We are continuing investing into Better Air shaft procession machine to guarantee the precision of each piece of airshaft.

4. Airshaft Purchasing Advice: 

It is very important to find a air shaft factory with good experience and reputation. We can help with the Airshaft whole industry solution as a good air shaft manufacturer.

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