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Lug Type Airshaft

*Lug type Airshaft  is one of the most often used airshaft type. It can be widely used in nearly all industries.
We can accpet tailor making of the Airshaft according to drawing.
Bulk quantity and small batch order are both welcome.
  • Any Length According to Customer Dimension Drawing

  • Steel/Aluminum/Carbon Fiber

  • Depend on Design

  • 10-12 Days for Normal Order, Hurry Order is Negotiable

  • Wooden Box / Paper Box / Paper tube / Bubble Film

  • By Sea / By Air / By Train / By Fedex or other Express way

  • ISO9000/CE/ROHS/Certificate of Origin

  • Technical Video Support

  • T/T/Credit Card/Paypal.....


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   --1. Airshaft Overall Function:

Airshaft 23

*Lug type Air shaft is one of the most often used airshafts. It is also known as Lug type pneumatic shaft. It is used in the machines to rewind and unwind the material. It could be applied to different cores materials. For example, paper core, plastic core or steel core......

The lug type airshaft is a specialized mechanical component used primarily in the web handling industry for various applications such as printing, packaging, and converting processes. This type of airshaft is designed to provide secure and precise positioning of the cores, which hold the web material (e.g., paper, film, or foil) during processing.

The cost of the Lug type air expanding shaft is the lowest if compared with other type of airshaft. For reason of its easy inner structure, it could recude the cost of purchasing. It could be used in all using environment.

    --2. Airshaft Feature----Air Expanding Key:

    The Lug type Air Shaft is also known as Airshaft with expanding keys.

    The keys are on the surface of the airshaft tube.

    As a professional Airshaft Manufacturer and Airshaft Factory, We have different type of expanding keys according to different airshafts using situations.

    We have the Air expanding shaft lug made by 






    We welcome if customer want to have different Airshaft expanding key designs

Airshaft Aluminum Lug

Airshaft Aluminum Lug/Key 

Airshaft rubber lug

Airshaft Rubber Lug/Key

Air shaft other Lug typesOther type 

(save/download photo and see clear)

    --3. Airshaft Body:

Airshaft Body Lug Type

       The body is the most important part in Airshaft. 

       Our normal Airshaft body material:



       ---Carbon Fiber

       ---Fully Stainless steel

       According to different weight load of material on airshaft, we will decide the thickness of the body tube.

       For example:

       2000mm steel body tube----weight load 800kg----use thickened tube

       1000mm steel body tube----weight load 500kg----normal tube is ok


       The length of the body tube of the airshafts and the thickness will decide the cost of 1piecAir shaft. 

       Our factory is ok to make Lug type Air shafts at any length and any diameter.

       Just  need to give us a drawing and tell us the weight load!

       Then we can help any things related with air expanding shaft!

Airshaft Diameter Chart

(Unit: mm)

1inch 2inch 3inch 4inch 5inch 6inch 8inch 10inch
Diameter before expanding 24 48 74 99 125 145 200 250 300
Diameter after expanding 28-32 52-54 79-82 103-105 129-131 154-158 205-207 255-257 305-307
Applicable core inner diameter 26-30 50-52 75-79 99-103 126-128 152-154 202-204 252-54 302-304
Weight load Ability by steel 50 200 1300 1850 3350 3700 4500 5500 6500
Weight load Ability by Aluminum 20 100 700 950 1500 900 2500 3200 4000

(This chart is only for reference, for more details please contact Airshaft sales:

Don't worry weight load and dimension, as a reliable Airshaft Factory, We accept all dimension Air shaft tailor making!

      --4. Airshaft 2 sides:

      The 2 sides of the Airshafts are the most interesting parts of Airshaft Design. It is usually the assemble position of the Air expanding shaft.

      We have a lot of drawing examples for customer reference.

Airshaft drawing example 2Airshaft drawing example 1

Airshaft drawing example 3

      We have can make the 2 sides of the Airshafts according to requirements!

       --5. Airshaft Inflation air valve:

       The Air inflation valve of the pneumatic shaft is one of the most important things in it.

      If the Air shaft using poor quality air valve, then it will often leaking air, and then result into using trouble!

      Normal Airshaft Suppliers are using the copper material air valve in order to saving cost,

      However, This type Copper Valve have a higher possibility of air leaking,

      For us, we are using the high quality Stainless Steel Air Valve, it is more more stable in quality!


Better Staineless Steel Airshaft Air Valve  【√】


Normal Copper Air valve for Air shaft


         We don't want to see the machine stop production just for reason of Air valve.

        Therefore, a good AirShaft with better Air Inflation Valve will help users to avoid a lot of using troubles.

        We Guarantee the long time using of Air inflation Valve on the Airshaft!

           --6. Airshaft Inflation Inner Bladder:

               The Airshaft inner bladder is the air bag of the whole Air expanding shaft.

            The air will go through into the Black Rubber tube, then expand the whole lugs to grab the core on airshafts.

            If the airshaft inner bladder have low quality, it will result into the uneven expanding. It means most part of the lugs are not expanding.

            As a result, the Air shaft cannot hold the core. It would caused big trouble, need to disassemble the whole airshaft to replace this parts. (Time consuming and wasting)


               So, our company are using high quality NBR Rubber, It can ensure the good using of the airshaft.

2f0949a14fec7099b16a720f0a0c794d1286038dc1c306330a335d8cbd127a   a36142497cdba59de59d052c4058148

        --7. Why need to choose Luy type Airshaft? (advantage)

Lug type airshaft is also known as key type airshaft. It is the most often used airshaft. But what is its advantage?

1. Higher load capacity: Lug type airshafts can handle heavier loads than multitube airshafts, making them ideal for applications that require high torque or heavy web tension. We have thickened tube, for example, 3inch lug type airshaft can hold the weight load of more than 2 tons.

2. Lower cost for smaller sizes: For smaller applications, lug type airshafts can be more cost-effective than multitube airshafts, as they require less material and are simpler in design.

3. Reduced vibration: Lug type airshafts can help to reduce vibration during operation, which can improve print quality and reduce wear on machinery.

4. Customerization for overlength size: If customer want to use the bigger diameter airshaft, lug type airshaft can be produced from our standard big sized steel tube. It is more cost effective.

Overall, lug type airshafts still have a number of advantages that make them a viable option for certain applications. It's important to carefully evaluate your specific application needs when selecting an airshaft to ensure that you choose the option that best meets your requirements.

        --8. Our Airshaft Key Feature:

   1. High-quality materials: Our lug type airshaft is made from durable, heavy-duty materials such as steel and aluminum, ensuring longevity and resilience even in the most demanding environments.

   2. Exceptional grip and torque transmission: The lug design offers unparalleled grip and torque transmission, allowing for precise control over web tension, ultimately reducing waste and enhancing productivity.

   3.Easy installation and maintenance: The lug type airshaft is designed for easy installation and removal, making maintenance quick and hassle-free. The replaceable lug and bladder system ensures minimal downtime, so your production line keeps moving.

   4. Versatile compatibility: Our lug type airshaft is compatible with a wide range of core sizes, allowing seamless integration into your existing setup. Additionally, we offer customization to suit specific application requirements.

   5. Safety and reliability: Engineered with safety and reliability in mind, our lug type airshaft features a fail-safe mechanism that prevents accidental release during operation. This ensures the safety of your workforce and the protection of your equipment.

   6. Enhanced productivity: By minimizing web slippage and enabling consistent tension control, our lug type airshaft contributes to improved overall efficiency and productivity in your operation.

   7. Responsive customer support: As a customer-focused supplier, we offer comprehensive after-sales support and technical assistance to ensure smooth operation and satisfaction throughout the life of the product.

        --8. More about us:

          We, R.J Machinery is confident to say we are a reliable Air shaft factory in China and can make large quantity exporting supply and lower quantity customerization! 


           Our goal is to make customer feel satisfied about the quality and price of the Airshaft!        

           We welcome if you would like to have an online factory tour!

           It only take 1 minute!

           This is the video of Our Factory will fully equipped Airshaft Manufactuering Devices.

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