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Multitube Type Airshaft

--1. Size:According to the drawings from Customer
--2. Production Time:Normal order is 18-25 Days, Hurry order is negotiable
--3. Packing: Paper box / exporting level wooden box
--4. Shipping Solution:By Sea/ By Air / By DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS/Special Line
--5. Certificate Supplier:ISO 9000 / CE / Rohs / Certificate of Origin .......
--6. After Sales:Technical video support
--7. Payment Method:T/T / Paypal /Credit Card

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   --1. Airshaft Overall Function:

Multitube Air shaft 019

Multitube Type Airshaft is a better choice if compared with Lug type Airshaft or Lug type Air shaft. 

Multitube Airshaft have 5 or 6pcs expanding grooves on its surface. After inflation, the full long piece of expanding strip inside the surface will expand.

It has better concentrity and could avoid the jumping problem in some precise cutting using environment.

It has another advantage of reason repairing. For reason of its structure, when this Airshaft need reparing, there is no need to disassemble the whole Air shaft. Just need to loose the locking block on surface, then taking the Expanding element out from the groove, we can replace the Air tube easily. The other Airshafts need to take out the 2 sides, then take away the rubber tube from inside of the Air expanding Shaft body tube.

    --2Airshaft Feature----Expanding Strip:

       According to the different using situation of customer, we have different expanding strip design. In normal case, we will provide with the NBR rubber + Steel Sheet type Expanding element for Multitube Airshaft. 

         At the same time, we have other material like:

        (1) Full Rubber Expanding Element (without steel sheet)

        (2) Full Aluminum

        (3) Polyurethane 

        (4) Steel 



          We welcome if customers have any other material requirements or dimension design for Pneumatic Shaft!

Multitube Airshaft Expanding Strip 01

Airshaft Rubber Expanding Strip

Multitube Airshaft Expanding Strip 03

Airshaft Polyurethane  Expanding Strip

Multitube Airshaft Expanding Strip 04

Airshaft Polyurethane Expanding Strip

(save/download photo and see clear)

    --3. Airshaft Body:

Multitube Air shaft 021

       The body is the most important part in Airshaft. 

       Our normal Airshaft body material:



       ---Carbon Fiber

       ---Fully Stainless steel

       Normally for 3inch type, we choose Aluminum tube to make Airshafts         for most Market using. 

       For example: 3inch

       2000mm length Air shaft ---- weight load 800kg----use Steel tube

        3300mm length Air shaft ---- weight load 300kg----use Aluminum tube


       The length of the body tube of the airshafts and weight load will decide the cost of 1piece Air shaft

       Our factory is ok to make Multitube type Air shafts at any length and any diameter.

       Just  need to give us a drawing and tell us the weight load!

       Then we can help any things related with air expanding shaft!

Airshaft Diameter Chart

(Unit: mm)

1inch 2inch 3inch 4inch 5inch 6inch 8inch 10inch
Diameter before expanding 24 49 74 98 124 149 200 250 300
Diameter after expanding 28-32 52-54 79-82 103-105 129-131 154-158 205-207 255-257 305-307
Applicable core inner diameter 26-30 50-52 75-79 99-103 126-128 152-154 202-204 252-54 302-304
Weight load Ability by steel 60 300 1800 1900 3400 3800 5000 6000 7000
Weight load Ability by Aluminum -
- 500+ - - 1300+ - - -

(This chart is only for reference, for more details please contact Airshaft sales:

Don't worry weight load and dimension, as a reliable Airshaft Factory, We accept all dimension Air shaft tailor making!

Bigger than Bigger

      --4. Airshaft 2 sides:

      The 2 sides of the Airshafts are the most interesting parts of Airshaft Design. It is usually the assemble             position of the Air expanding shaft.

      We have a lot of drawing example for customer reference.

Airshaft drawing example 2Airshaft drawing example 1

Airshaft drawing example 3

      We have can make the 2 sides of the Airshafts according to requirements!

       --5. Airshaft Inflation air valve:

       The Air inflation valve of the pneumatic shaft is one of the most important things in it.

        If the Air shaft using poor quality air valve, then it will often leaking air, and then result into using trouble!


        Normal Airshaft Suppliers are using the copper material air valve in order to saving cost,

        However, This type Copper Valve have a higher possibility of air leaking,

        For us, we are using the high quality Stainless Steel Air Valve, it is more more stable in quality!


Better Staineless Steel Airshaft Air Valve  【√】


Normal Copper Air valve for Air shaft


        We don't want to see the machine stop production just for reason of a small Air valve.

        Therefore, a good AirShaft with better Air Inflation Valve will help users to avoid a lot of using troubles.

        We Guarantee the long time using of Air inflation Valve on the Airshaft!

           --6. Airshaft Inflation Inner Bladder:

          The Inner Bladder or Inner Tube of the Multitube Airshaft is the most special type.

            For reason of the special structure of the inflatable shaft, it use the Flat TPU tube as the expanding tube.

            Each groove has one pieces Bladder. If one Airshaft have 6 groove, length 1m, then it will use 6m of the Air              tube.



          Our company are using high quality TPU raw material, It can ensure the good using of the airshaft.

            Each roll of the Airshaft Inner Bladder is 50m, it is ok for purchasing for spare parts.

Multitube Airshaft Bladder 02Multitube Airshaft Bladder 01   Multitube Airshaft Bladder 03


           --7. Multitube Airshaft Special Bladder Small Air valve:

              The most interesting part of the Multitube Airshaft is: Except the bigger Air valve on the tube, there is another smaller Air valve inside the TPU tube.


                It is for connection the air, so it quality is also very important.


Multitube Airshaft Small Air valve 01

Air shaft smaller Air valve 1

Multitube Airshaft Small Air valve 02

Air shaft smaller Air valve 2


            In order to improve the quality and ensure the using experience of Airshaft for customer,

            Our company also upgrade the copper matertial in Stainless steel. It has lower possibilty of air                          leaking!

            --8. More about us:

          We, R.J Machinery is confident to say we are a reliable Air shaft factory in China and can make                          large quantity exporting supply and lower quantity customerization! 


           Our goal is to make customer feel satisfied about the quality and price of the Airshaft!        

           We welcome if you would like to have an online factory tour!

           It only take 1 minute!

           This is the video of Our Factory will fully equipped Airshaft Manufactuering Devices.

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